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Strengthens the core and tones muscles


Improves flexibility and mobility


Improves posture and balance

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These 50 min classes involve a series of classical Pilates exercises in a sequence.

Each exercise focuses on the Pilates principles, Breath flow, precision, control, centering and concentration.

Props include; foam rollers, therabands, magic circles, small balls and hand weights may be used to add resistance or challenge to a class.

This is a full-body workout and will help to strengthen the core and tone the body. It will also make you feel revitalised!


The Pilates Reformer is an intricate piece of apparatus, designed by Joseph Pilates.
It has a moving carriage and springs, which helps the body flow and move against resistance, to gain strength, balance, stability and a deeper connection to your core.
The Pilates reformer sequence that we do in class follows a series of moves to open, lengthen and strengthen, the feet, legs, glutes, hips, shoulders, back and arms while engaging your core to stay stable and balanced.
It’s a full-body workout with so many benefits!


Our Tower class combines elements of mat work with the tower springs to add challenge, facilitate and assist movement. Just like our Reformer classes, you’ll get a full-body workout with plenty of core work!

This 50-minute Tower class will focus on overall strength and flexibility.

As you will have support from springs, you will learn to lengthen and lift your body moving through the different exercises.

You are sure to leave the class feeling so good, stretched and taller!


All of our classes are 50 minutes, for more details please click on the link below.

* Classes subject to booking numbers. Minimum 2 required for class to go ahead. 

All classes must be booked minimum 4 hours before start time.

Private Lessons

Get the most out of your workout with a one to one session

  • Full individual attention
  • Exercises tailored specifically towards your workout goals and what your body needs.
  • Using the full range of classical apparatus in our studio.
  • Perfect for those recovering from an injury and looking to get moving in a balanced way.
  • Improve your athletic performance, by gaining strength, balance, stability and a deeper connection to your core.

Semi-private Lessons

Duet 2-1

To book a private session please email me directly at or Call: 0876981467


What Our customers say

I’ve been attending Catherine’s Pilates classes for just over 2 years now and I can honestly say the benefits are phenomenal. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my posture, balance, flexibility and overall wellbeing.


I started Pilates 7 months post op spinal surgery. At that time my ability to move was severely compromised. Now after 2 years of weekly pilates sessions, my range of movement and stamina have improved dramatically. Catherine’s sincere and professional approach and application coupled with the ethos of Move, Breath, Connect has become a crucial pathway and cornerstone for maintaining and developing my personal physical and mental wellbeing. In short, it has been life changing.