Using the reformer has been amazing

In 2020 I joined Catherine’s Pilates class to help improve my posture, increase my flexibility (which is
quite poor) and gain better overall strength. During the course of the classes I became aware of
where I was holding tension in my body, the need to stretch out my back and how I was feeling
when I was in good postural alignment. Catherine’s eagle eye to detail really helped me achieve the
above. After a few months of mat classes I decided to try reformer Pilates to further improve my
core strength and alleviate some niggling back pain. Using the reformer has been amazing. It has
given me a deeper understanding of my body, the importance of using the breath, and the overall
mind body connection. Doing slow repetitive movements and concentrating on specific areas of the
body has increased my flexibility and has helped to strengthen my core and lower back. With
Catherine’s guidance, her passion for her work, and her high attention to detail, the overall
experience of reformer Pilates has been a game changer for me. I can’t recommend Catherine
highly enough. She is warm, welcoming and very professional, only wanting the very best for her
students. She goes above and beyond in providing this experience whether it is mat work or
reformer Pilates. A class with Catherine is highly recommended.


Benefits are phenomenal

I’ve been attending Catherine’s Pilates classes for just over 2 years now and I can honestly say the benefits are phenomenal. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my posture, balance, flexibility and overall wellbeing. Catherine is a fantastic instructor who gives personal attention to everyone in her class. For anyone thinking of starting Pilates, I’d highly recommend Catherine’s classes. If you’re like me, you won’t regret it! Congratulations Catherine on the new studio!


Highly recommend Catherine’s classes to anyone looking for a complete body workout

I have taken part in various forms of exercise routines over the years and in the last number of years, I have turned to Pilates. Without a doubt, it is the one I have enjoyed and benefited from the most.

Catherine is a really professional and knowledgeable teacher. Patient and clear in her instructions and always encouraging. Pilates has improved my core strength, balance and has helped really tone my body. I would highly recommend Catherine’s classes to anyone looking for a complete body workout.


A journey that completely changed my approach to exercise!

I came late to Pilates in life. I met Catherine and started on a journey that completely changed my approach to exercise. Catherine is an excellent teacher. She encourages you to challenge yourself within your own comfort zone and ability.

My stomach muscles are stronger, which has helped my back pain.

In every Pilates class, I learn something new. Catherine’s love of Pilates is infectious and as a result, Pilates is now a way of life for me.